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Independent Environment Statement Validation & Verification


We also offer general validation and verification services customised to your requirements across various industries, in accordance with globally recognised norms. These may include (for example);

  • Verification of your company’s overall Carbon Footprint against a standard/protocol/guideline/methodology of your choice
  • Verification of a particular component of the supply chain emissions of your company, service, and/or product
  • Validation of emission reductions as a result of changing your waste disposal method from landfill to incineration
  • Any other custom requirement

ISO 14065:2020 Standard – Environmental Claims

We also issue validation and verification statements to provide assurance for environmental claims besides Greenhouse Gases. The audits will be conducted against recognized standards relevant to the environmental information. Assurance will be provided to meet specifications of the ISO 14065:2020 and ISO/IEC 17029:2019 Standards.

Non-Greenhouse Gas claims related to water, waste, eco labels, environmental product declarations, environmental sustainability reporting, environmental resource valuation, climate finance and other similar areas can all be provided with the required assurance.


A water footprint represents direct and indirect water consumption of a product, service or a production activity of an organisation. Water auditing is a method of quantifying water flows and quality, with a road map of potential water savings, as well as implementation costs.

​We offer independent verification of both water footprints and water audits against globally recognized standards such as ISO 14046:2014 and Global Water Footprint Assessment Standard which includes a comprehensive review of your water usage and water management system.

In addition, the following water-related services can also be obtained:

  • Verification of performance metrics, strategic management plans and reports
  • Verification of the reduced water related impacts at specific locations and various stages of your product, process or organization’s life cycle
  • Assurance for water-related claims as per the ISO 14065:2020 Standard


A waste footprint is the quantity of waste generated from an organization’s operations within a specified boundary across its processes and/or supply chain (i.e., waste generated upstream from the point of consumption), while a waste audit can extend to identification of waste generation reduction methods, alternative waste disposal methods and systems to transition into a circular economy.

We offer independent verification of waste footprints, waste audits and other waste-related assessments against globally recognized standards such as the UNIDO/UNEP Resource Efficient Cleaner Production Methodology and relevant ISO standards including ISO 14001:2015.

In addition, the following waste-related services can also be obtained:

  • Verification of performance metrics, management plans and reports
  • Verification of lifecycle impacts from waste handling and disposal
  • Assurance for zero-waste and other waste-related claims as per the ISO 14065:2020 Standard.

VERRA Plastic Programme

The Plastic Waste Reduction Programme (Plastic Programme) enables robust impact assessment of new or scaled-up waste collection and recycling projects. The programme is used for consistent accounting and crediting of a variety of plastic collection and recycling activities, and drives investment into projects that increase the collection of plastic waste from the environment and/or its recycling. We can provide independent validation and verification in accordance with both the Plastic Waste Collection Methodology and Plastic Waste Mechanical Recycling Methodology (as applicable) along with all other requirements stipulated in this programme.