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Certified PlasticNeutral®

Our co-proprietary PlasticNeutral® Certification was developed to recognise the efforts of businesses that have quantified their Plastic Footprints, mitigated them to the maximum possible level through internal changes, and have obtained Plastic Credits from registered Plastic Recycling Projects to neutralise their environmental impacts. The certification can be offered to any type of business entity, service or product.

The PlasticNeutral® Certification can be obtained following a ‘3R Approach’;

  • Review : measure your Plastic Footprint (usage and leakage)
  • Reduce : mitigate your footprint as much as reasonably possible
  • Recover : reuse and recycle where possible, and finally, negate the residual footprint by supporting a Waste Collection and Recycling Project in return for Plastic Credits to balance out your plastic consumption

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