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Certified CarbonInset ®


Unlike the traditional approach of neutralising GHG emissions​,​ Carbon Offsetting, ​”​Carbon Insetting​”​ offers the opportunity to make use of emissions reduction/removal possibilities within a business entity’s own Value Chain.

​Our Carbon-Inset® Certification was developed to independently verify significant emissions saving initiatives of clients at a fraction of the costs associated with registering for Carbon Offsets.

The Carbon​-​Inset® certification is a three-part process:

  • ​Quantification of Organisational/Operational GHG Emissions
  • ​Quantification of Emissions Savings + ISO 14064-2 Certification​​ ​for Selected Carbon Reduction/Removal Project​
  • Independent Verification Organisational/Operational ​GHG Inventory + ISO 14064-2 Certified ​Carbon Reduction/Removal Project​ ​+ Awarding of Carbon-Inset® Certification​

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