Safety Experts Unite to Maximise Worker Hand Care, with Minimum Impact on the Environment

Safety Experts Unite to Maximise Worker Hand Care, with Minimum Impact on the Environment


Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, is working closely with hand protection specialist Traffi to provide Arco customers with the world’s first carbon neutral safety glove range*. As signatories of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), Arco is committed to cutting carbon, water and waste across its product ranges. Traffi’s new Life Extending Technology (LXT) Carbon Neutral collection marks a new environmental standard for safety gloves and progresses Arco’s ongoing journey towards a sustainable future.

The LXT range ensures Arco customers can access a high-quality glove that does not sacrifice the environment’s needs or worker hand health. To reach net-zero, Traffi worked tirelessly with its glove production partner to calculate the total greenhouse gases emitted from the production of its LXT glove range. The process, supported by The Carbon Consulting Company and The Sustainable Future Group, resulted in a final figure that enabled Traffi to select a globally recognised carbon reduction project to compensate for its emissions. Through this initiative, Traffi reduced its carbon footprint for the LXT range to net-zero*.

Gloves are a high volume and high wastage product. However, Traffi’s LXT life extending technology means the LXT cut protection range of gloves last longer. LXT gloves are certified washable for three washes and tested to EN388 2016 after being laundered. This results in lower daily costs, helping businesses to save money and reduce waste.

The alliance between Arco and Traffi enhances Arco’s social values and principles of sustainable development and its commitment to being an environmentally responsible business. In addition to its partnership with Traffi, Arco has embedded sustainability into its day-to-day operational activity, including its National Distribution Centre (NDC), retail stores, offices and vehicle fleet. Arco’s objective is to go beyond the minimum requirements and help its customers and suppliers achieve their sustainability pledges. Under its Product Stewardship process, Arco takes responsibility for minimising a product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle. Arco developed its Responsible Processes in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, enabling the safety expert to ensure its initiatives effectively address global challenges.

Danny Hobson, Head of Ethics and Sustainability at Arco, says:
“Our core purpose is to keep people safe. As a fifth-generation, family-owned business, showing respect for people and regard for the planet means future generations will have the opportunity to stay safe and protected too. Although we’re early in our greener journey, we’re committed to the goal. In helping to bring great initiatives like Traffi’s to the market, we’re paving the way for other manufacturers to follow suit as, together, we work to make our planet that little bit greener.”

Adrian James, Director of Traffi, says:
“At Traffi, it is our duty to continuously innovate and help our customer make a difference. Most glove users have little knowledge of the significant carbon footprint in manufacturing gloves, as is the case across the wider PPE portfolio. We’re here to share our insights and enable customers to make better informed decisions in both, selecting the best products for keeping hands safe, but also acting responsibly in reducing carbon footprint.”

Sanith de S. Wijeyeratne, CEO of The Carbon Consultancy Company, says:
“Measuring the “cradle to gate” emission of the LXT gloves and the organisational emission of the Traffi itself was a challenging exercise. The project took many months and required engagements at all levels of the supply chain. CCC is proud to work with clients such as Traffi that have demonstrated their commitment to the environment in a tangible way. Measuring and compensating for their greenhouse gas emissions is an intrinsic part of their business model. Our planet needs more of such responsible business owners.”

*Traffi LX Carbon Neutral gloves have been certified in accordance with (PAS)2050, ISO 14067:2018 and ISO 14064-3.